Our Goals are

To help the environment

Our first goal is to 'Enhance the quality and effectiveness of environmental sustainability projects undertaken by not-for-profit organizations in Ottawa'

To help broker relationships

Our second goal is to 'Link expertise and knowledge with client needs in a credible and timely fashion'

To foster a sustainable City

Our third goal is to 'Facilitate community learning and action aimed at fostering a sustainable Ottawa'

Our Team

Board of Directors

John Karau

Biologist by training who has worked for Environment Canada, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and the United Nations

Rebecca Aird

Sustainability consultant who has worked at federal and international levels; current Director of the Community Foundation of Ottawa

Lisa Meyer

Carleton faculty member, School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

Mary Hegan

Social worker by training whose work has focused on community development; has spent last 15 years with federal government examining environmental health issues

Liz Lefrancois

Policy advisor and senior manager at Environment Canada for 25 years; has worked on water management at federal and international levels

Paul McCann

Over 30 years experience with the City of Ottawa working for various Departments and Branches; has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the City Environment Committee in 2014

Josh Hendry

Experienced project manager and consultant focused on the environmental and social performance of organizations and multinational corporations


Samara Bhimji

Samara recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a MSc in environmental sustainability. Her prior work experience internationally (Rwanda) and in Canada includes research, policy development, program delivery and even some donor services work.   info@oetn.ca

Who is Samara?

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