Does your group have a project or issue linked to environmental sustainability?

Not-for-profit and community organizations based in Ottawa with projects or issues related to environmental sustainability are invited to submit project applications to

We will contact you to request more information if we have questions about your submitted application.   Currently we are seeking applications for projects which meet the following criteria:

  • Project description should demonstrate that your organization is somehow invested in the project and has the capacity to make the project a success. We want to see that some up-front work has been done and that funding or on-the-ground support exists to make the OETN project a success.
  • Projected timelines must be well defined and include a start date, finish date and include any critical dates. Generally the projects we approve last between 4 to 24 months. For large endeavours lasting more than 24 months, we recommend you start your relationship with OETN by identifying a shorter phase such as an advisor to help with the design phase or implementation phase.
  • The “what help you would like from OETN” section should demonstrate a need and explain how the right expert or research support from OETN would enhance the quality and effectiveness of your project. OETN Advisors are consultants who provide advice. The advice and/or research support OETN provides must have a clear use or application.
  • Enhancing environmental sustainability in Ottawa is the common theme of all of our projects. The expert advice and/or research support must have a clear use or application towards this goal. Our experience so far has been that if your organization is looking for advice or support to produce a report that will collect dust on the shelf, it will be very difficult to answer this question.
  • The deliverables/outcomes of the project must be measurable, likely to happen and make a difference (Substantive and potential).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide Organizational Capacity Development?
No.  While we may be able to provide support for project capacity development (eg. expert advice on social media for one particular environmental project), we do not provide support for organizational capacity development (eg. a social media expert to join your board of directors or run your social media campaigns).   There are many other groups here in Ottawa who provide great resources for organizational capacity development such as Volunteer Ottawa, DiverseCity onBoard, and the new Sustainable Capacity Centre.

Can we submit more than one project?
If organizations submit more than one proposal they must be ranked in terms of importance. Only the most important application will be considered and should it not be accepted we will then consider the second project application. If you are having any trouble at all deciding which project might be the best fit for our mission or the best match for the skill-sets of our existing pool of advisors, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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