Community Food Waste Café


Working with Unearthed Café, the objective was to establish a strong brand for the community food waste café, and to build deep community support in preparation for the café’s launch. The other partner in this project was Mentoring IMPACT! Youth Sustainability Leaders, a program by The Natural Step.

See the testimonial on this project from our advisor explaining how design logos were achieved:

” Rachael is thoroughly considerate and driven and it was a pleasure to be able to work with her. Unearthed Cafe will provide a place for subsidized meals for the food insecure, and use all produce from food waste. It’s an inspirational business, and offering to the community so I was honoured to be able to advise Rachael on cafe brand strategies and how she can create a unique design among the busy Ottawa cafe culture. I collated mood boards so we could establish the right look and feel for Unearthed, as well as create colour and material palettes, along with brand logo designs”

Follow their story online:
Instagram: @unearthedcafe

ADVISOR: Pippa Corry, Freelance Account Director at Marks