District Energy System Research


The objective was to conduct a technical evaluation of the potential to aggregate energy demand across both the proposed new development and adjacent existing institutional buildings, and to service that demand via a range of district energy system configurations and energy supply options.

The final report was an impressive compilation of research and analysis related to approaches to and feasibility of community energy systems Examples of research elements included peak loads and seasonal energy use estimates, modelling of different building types and densities in relation to the feasibility of community energy, the potential for CHP (combined heat and power or cogeneration) plant options, the potential and impact of solar energy approaches, etc. The report has helped convince the developer to invest in additional research on the potential for a community energy system.

ADVISOR: Michael Wiggin, District Energy Specialist

RESEARCH TEAM: Carleton University Engineering students:
Nathan Bosscher, Antoine Fillion, Mehsen Kassem, Ahmed Omar (Project Management)
Nick Brown, Andrew K, Sean, Ed (Buildings & Distribution)
Mitch, Nik, Kuba, Roberto (Centralized Energy)
Matt Mickkelsen, Hunho, Zain, Brendan(Distributed Energy)
Arian, Omar, Michael, Kevin (Cooling technologies)
Joseph, Paige, Kailey, Sam(Seasonal Thermal Storage)
Joel, Kathleen, Aly (Short-term Thermal Storage)
David,Chris, Matt Doel (GSHP)