Waterlinks to Pinecrest Creek

Lessons for Community Engagement for Stormwater Management

Working with the City of Ottawa’s Planning & Growth Management, Infrastructure Policy Unit this project had several objectives: to evaluate the impact and capture lessons learned from the City’s Waterlinks lot-level stormwater management project (2000/2001), as input to the design of the engagement component of the Pinecrest Creek retrofit plan or other future stormwater projects involving resident engagement.


The research team prepared a report and delivered a presentation to City staff. Despite constraints on research methods related to significant time lapse, staff felt report met objective, and provided further value via additional research to capture characteristics of successful lot- level stormwater management campaigns. Download a copy of the final report here.


ADVISOR: Liz Lefrancois, retired senior policy advisor on environmental outreach/engagement

RESEARCH TEAM: Three graduate students in a course in community-based research on food and environmental policy, with professor Peter Andrée (Department of Political Science)