Sustainable Playground


As part of their Communications course, undergraduate engineering students from the University of Ottawa were tasked to research the development of a park/playground for a low-income area of Ottawa. The park was supposed to 1) make recreation more accessible to children with physical disabilities, and those from low-income families, 2) act as a model of environmental and economic sustainability , 3) contribute to the physical and mental well-being of children. This project will also gave the students the opportunity to 1) see how environmental sustainability concerns can be incorporated into designs/solutions, 2) do research which could contribute to the health and sustainability of a community, 3) interact with the community members with a vested interest in the development of such a park. Students in this course produced reports which outlined their research findings. They were not involved in the actual development of the park.

These Playgrounds Are So Amazing, We Want A Go (Nevermind The Kids) |  HuffPost Australia Life

ADVISOR: Andrew Harvey

RESEARCH TEAM: Students in the Communications course with professor Lisa Meyer (School of Linguistics and Language Studies)