Post-Secondary Directory Mapping & Brokerage Tool

Making it easier for community groups and post-secondary institutions to work together effectively.

CLIENT: ENGO sector in Ottawa, together with post-secondary institutions, CFICE, and CCEC.

ADVISOR: OETN Staff, Leigha McCarroll, Student, Carleton University

Link to CFICE Directory

This project requires ongoing input to stay current, but the main directory and tool are completed:

A man with glasses and a blue sweater speaks to people around a boardroom table in a room lined with portraits.

Carleton Professor Peter Andree speaking at a CFICE meeting near the end of the project.

The goal of this project was to create and maintain a brokering tool for community-campus engagement (CCE) opportunities in the environmental and sustainability sector. Following community consultations, it became clear that although there are many resources available through college and university programs, and many community groups willing to offer placements and real-world experience to students, there are barriers to effective communication and collaboration.

Community groups lack the time and knowledge to navigate various programs to find a good opportunity, and institutions don’t know how to effectively reach out to community groups in a way that works. This tool helps bridge that gap by means of a database and visualization/search tool that is user friendly and offers tips for both groups and institutions. A strong understanding of the community’s current situation ensures that the Database adequately addresses community needs while providing a solution to the challenges that community organizations face in accessing information on community-campus engagement.

This project was a collaboration between OETN and CFICE (Community-First Impacts of Community Engagement), a Carleton University based project in support of community-campus engagement in Canada.

Important Links
Kumu Data Visualization Tool:
How-To Guide for Community Groups: CFICE Opportunities Database Guide_2019 Groups
How to Guide for Post-Secondary Institutions: Kumu_How_To-PSI.
Read-only link to database: Google Doc Spreadsheet
More about Community-Campus Engagement (CCE Canada) and the CFICE Project